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“We’ve been working with Little Rock Masonry for
the past 9 years. The staff are always prompt and
courteous and the work is always done to our
complete satisfaction.”

Sylvia M.

“I recommend Little Rock Masonry to all the new
tenants in my building. The service is fast, reliable
and well priced. No complaints, ever.”

Jonny B.

“As an office manager, I can wholeheartedly
recommend Little Rock Masonry. I have so many
projects in my building, and Little Rock Masonry
has never ever let me down.”

Nathan W.

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Everyone can benefit from our Masonry Contracting services

We would like to share that we have helped many homeowners get their masonry requirements met. Their checkbooks open for creating a masterpiece to the average homeowner project that you can afford from the high-tier masonry projects. 

Commercial masonry is not any different from what residential masonry is. Several local companies entrust us with their concrete installation projects. We also perform a great deal of brickwork and stonemasonry work. The reason business enterprises hire us is all the ease and reassurance they receive when working with us and the appearance of all their projects after we have finished them. Our business is actually very dependent on repeat customers, and we did not get to where we are by not being passionate about our jobs. 

The most common masonry projects involve:

  • Installing stone and brick fireplaces and chimneys.
  • Erecting brick and stone walls for homes.
  • Installing stone steps and staircases.

The list can go on. It is just the indoor stuff. There are different types of masonry that we do outdoors, including brick, stone, and concrete. In addition to pouring concrete, we also design and stamped concrete driveways and patios. We can use numerous materials for retaining walls, such as brick, stone, and concrete. 

In order to accomplish your project objectives, we have a portfolio of models in which we can match the model to your requirements, or we can tailor your design to your needs. To accomplish any given project, we can choose from a variety of different angles and materials.

Picture of an artistically arranged concrete blocks, picture taken at Little Rock, AR

Our Advantages

Quick Response

You can expect free estimates from us instantly!


Professional Service

Our masons are fully accredited. We’ll give you their name when you book and they’ll call before arrival. 

Quality Guarantee

We only work with the best masons to ensure you projects are done to the highest standards.

Huge Inventory

We are able to source all kinds of stone, brick, concrete and more! Whatever you are envisioning, we have!

About Us

We have been managing and laboring on different masonry jobs for more than a decade now, which means that we can confidently state that no type of work is beyond our abilities. We happily tackle any job, no matter how difficult it may be.

Little Rocks Best Masonry and Concrete Contractor Company

Do you need the best and most professional masonry services near Little Rock, AR? With our years of experience, you can trust that our team of masonry workers will build a project of high quality for you. You don’t have to bother any longer if you are looking for a masonry contractor in Little Rock, Arkansas, whether you are a residential homeowner or a commercial property owner. 

Is it your first time starting a project? If so, what would you like to achieve? We often do masonry work such as bricklaying, stone masonry, fireplace installation, veneer walls, concrete repairs, brickworks, stairs, stone, concrete, brick steps, driveways, foundations, brick mortar repointing, chimneys, or fireplaces, among many others. 

Picture of a pile of concrete block in Little Rock AR
Picture of red bricks in a Little Rock, AR construction site

Little Rock Masonry can do it for you!

One of the more experienced companies in concrete, stone, and brick masonry, we want to reassure you that when you work with us, we will always strive for perfection no matter what type of project you are embarking on. Having a company that is worth hiring is important to our customers, so we can guarantee that for them. Whether you want to build a masonry structure or create an architectural design, all of our professionals are well-trained in providing quality customer service and using our advanced technology to construct and build. It is the combination of all of these things that makes Little Rock Masonry unique compared to other masonry construction companies. 

It is not surprising that residents and businesses in the area are attracted to our masonry services. Additionally, we offer pocket-friendly rates within the range of anyone’s budget if they wish to develop a project with us. If you’d like a quick estimate from one of our professionals on the phone, you’ll find that filling out our form on this page is easier, but if you prefer, you can use our free quote form on this page. 

Little Rock Masonry
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Little Rock Masonry
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Little Rock Masonry
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Masonry Contractors specializing in concrete, stone, and brick masonry in Little Rock

It is crucial that you know what direction you want to go in ahead of time before you can decide how you want to get started with building a new addition to your house, so quit banging your head against a brick wall and let us guide you you you with our expertise. How important is it first and foremost to find the right masonry contractors AR on the job?

If you are looking for a Little Rock masonry contractor you want to hire, make sure that they do not: 

  • Provide you with an unnecessary quote for a service that you do not need
  • Make you feel rushed or pressured while making your decisions
  • Managing your project while juggling a second customer’s as well
  • Be stubborn about performing their work (we welcome criticisms, it’s your money, after all).
  • Keep their cell phones at the office and make it as hard as possible for you to get in touch with them
  • When a job is completed, they do not clean up their mess
Picture of a rotten brick wall that needs to be repaired, picture taken at Little Rock AR
Picture of a construction site in Little Rock, AR where a brick wall is being constructed.

We Give Importance to our customers needs!

When our customers call us up, we have a pretty good understanding of what kind of people they are, and we assure them that we are here to create something actually worth their efforts. 

The kind of masonry construction you want must be strong, durable, and go on for a long time, as is the case with Little Rock Masonry. It will not become a problem for you.

The two main things that make us unique and have made us stand out are our fun, friendly nature and professionalism.

You just need to pick up your phone and start dialing if you feel like all of this is what you were looking for when searching for a masonry company!

Get your moneys worth!

We can give you an estimate based on the information you provide over the phone and then visit the property to develop a proper estimate for the size of the job and what we can be working with. A solid warranty and an extensive maintenance package will also be provided to you as a customer. Every clientele we work with is important to us, and we ensure that we take good care of them and build a long-term relationship with them. 

We at the Little Rock Brick Masonry Company bring out a complete package of support for every project that we undertake to earn your trust and convince you that we are the best firm in the area of stone, concrete, and brick masonry.

Picture of an orange chimney that is well built, picture taken at Little Rock AR
Picture of a freshly laid bricks, picture taken at Little Rock AR

Leading Arkansas Concrete Company

Since the human race began congregating with one another, there has been a lot of construction. Despite being a long-standing line of work, this line is constantly updated. As one of the few companies that are up to date with the latest technology available for construction, we can construct what we feel is artwork for our customers.

Concrete, brick, and stonework that we do are mostly to make everything appear beautiful on the outside, like installing a new driveway or building stairs to go into the home. There is quite a bit of our work where we make sure we make it original and make it pop by making it original and intriguing. As masons, we thrive on jobs of this type, as this is the kind of work that makes us stand out from the others. Rather than just being another run-of-the-mill masonry company, we differentiate ourselves from the rest of them by creating what we like to refer to as “creations.” In our view, we are bringing something to today’s architectural style, and we make creations that are fit for the future and are likely to last for hundreds of years or a long time to come. 

After we consult with our customers, we figure out how much material and time we will need for a given job. As a result, it helps us get a better hold on what the work will cost to give you a more precise estimate of what your service will cost. We are more than confident that we will be able to do something of high quality, whether building amazing stone and brick veneer block walls or putting our skills to work on a fireplace construction project. As a result of that job, you will contact us again next time you have something that comes up in your mind, and we believe you will enjoy the quality customer service and quick turnaround at no additional cost. 

Make your home look wonderful!

Make your yard a more beautiful place for your friends to dance the night away on your newly created patio. Build a brick barbecue for the kids to cook some meats over, and you will have a blast this summer. If you want to keep dirt and mud out of your yard, make sure to add a custom stone walkway that will go around the area. 

If your new teenage driver would like to have a spot on your slab, too, then we can go ahead and add some room to your slab. There are endless possibilities for building an addition. You do not want yourself to risk messing up or hiring a contractor who is not as knowledgeable as our little rock masonry contractors. Our team of highly skilled Little Rock masons can help you bring all of your dreams to life and make them a reality that you will always be proud of. The yard of your house is going to be the hot spot for family and friend’s pictures for years to come when you have completed work on a new patio, retaining wall, or tuckpointing your brick wall!

We are looking forward to serving you!

A picture of a mason laying concrete blocks with cement in Little Rock AR