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An excellently laid brick is an amazing sight to behold, and it will never go out of style. As a result of their beauty, bricks are also a charming backdrop and professional masonry contractors Little Rock AR are the only ones that can restore those looks.

Brick Companies in Arkansas

Does your home have a lot of brickwork it features in beautiful patterns? Do you own a home that has a lot of brickwork in unique patterns? Does your home require an additional brick chimney that has been constructed from the ground up? When it comes to brickwork, Little Rock Masonry is the go-to company. Our local Little Rock bricklayers have been working in this industry for many years, so you can rest assured that your bricks will be professionally repaired.

There is no doubt that bricks, like any other material, are built to last a lifetime, but just like anything else, they will wear out with time. Particularly when they are not properly cared for over a period of time, you can see how it happens. Fortunately, it is not necessary to wait for the whole structure to be repaired to be fixed. It is advisable that you contact us before the brickwork collapses and we can do the repairs for you. Repairing an item is usually cheaper than replacing it.

It is all too easy for water to seep into your house through worn brickwork joints, and the last thing you want is for that to happen. As a result of wear and tear and brickwork movement, the brickworks will eventually create joints between them, and that is where professionals such as masonry contractors in Little Rock can help.

Taking care of your brickwork is one way to keep it looking gorgeous for many years to come and prevent frost damage from occurring. It is also important to note that repointing bricks naturally prevents salt from building up in the crevices between the brick. This can prevent future costly brick repairs.

Quite simply, Little Rock Masonry starts the process of brick repair by identifying the problems and then will propose a solution. As opposed to some brickwork companies that would benefit from a complete rebuild in order to make more, we provide our clients with the best advice and perform the necessary repairs that will not bankrupt them.

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Picture of a worker tuckpointing some bricks, picture taken at Little Rock AR

Decorative Brick Wall Construction

Bricks are an excellent construction material that has become the focus of much attention across the globe since they are a very cheap construction method and offer decorative qualities. Some research has found that many people are now opting to build their simple houses using brick walls. A brick wall can be constructed in various approved designs, and you can discuss these designs with your engineer or contractor if you wish to maintain a natural aesthetic for your brick wall.

​It has been made possible through the use of brick walls to make security walls. There are also watchtowers and fences constructed using bricks, which serve as a security measure. In addition, it can be seen that the security walls have been decorated, and drawings have been made for advertisements in the real estate and education industries.

Brick Retaining Wall Construction

Recent years have seen brick becoming a more popular material in both commercial and residential buildings for both decoration and retaining walls. Typically, retaining walls are used for the purpose of creating emphasis or as the center of attention. It is essential for you to take into account first the size and location of the retaining wall when designing and building it.

The fact that retaining walls are so important has not yet been realized by many people. In spite of this, everyone should realize that retaining walls are an important part of protecting a variety of structures such as pet kennels, livestock pens, etc. The purpose of retaining walls is to prevent soil from breaching the foundations of buildings or structures by protecting them from erosion. Additionally, they provide vertical support that serves as an additional means for lowering slopes. As previously indicated, brick walls have several functions, as you can see from the list above. The building of these walls is usually not very expensive, compared to constructing concrete walls, and they only require a few laborers and resources.

​Brick walls, unlike concrete walls, are one of the strongest types of walls in a building regardless of where they are constructed.

Picture of bricks being arrange, picture taken at Little Rock AR
Picture of an artistic red brick wall, picture taken at Little Rock AR

Brickwork Masonry Repair Little Rock AR

In addition to brickwork masonry repair, we also provide brick mortar repair. While brick mortar repair may sound simple, it requires experience and the right tools to transform disfigured bricks into breathtaking works of art.

In addition to repairs, Little Rock Masonry experts assess your bricks to determine what caused them to damage and make recommendations accordingly. We begin by investigating the masonry units and mortar to understand the initial construction techniques.

Bricks, for example, may look as if they just need pointing. Nevertheless, some masonry companies are unaware that repointing bricks can lead to more structural damage.

It is common for bricklayers to only repair brickwork with the materials they have on hand rather than using materials that are nearly identical to those used originally. Due to these omissions, we conduct an analysis before providing an estimate because our Little Rock masonry professionals are aware of these otherwise small but significant errors.

We are proud of the fact that Little Rock Masonry is focused on getting you the results that you expect.