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Little Rock AR Natural Stone Masonry

Besides the cement and concrete masonry services we provide, Little Rock Masonry’s staff members are well versed in the art of natural stone masonry and are experts in this field. A large number of natural stones are commonly used for improving the exterior and interior of a property. If you don’t know, there are well over hundreds of natural stones that are widely used. Furthermore, natural stones can be used to build paving stones, decorative stones, walls, and veneers and be used as paving stones and decorative stones. Since natural stone masonry consists of several techniques, it requires workers who know they are doing it well and are well versed in it.

 The natural thin veneer has become one of the most in-demand projects from a business sense perspective that our company has to work on. It is a masonry stone that is not as thick as a complete veneer stone because it has been expertly cut thin. Aside from the aesthetics, the thin veneer of light natural stone also has numerous features that make it exclusive, especially when it comes to installation, due to its decorative appearance and lightweight. Almost any structurally sound surface can be veneered with thin natural stone veneers by an experienced stonemason. 

 Stonemasonry can be classified as either ashlar masonry or rubble masonry, depending on the materials involved. Rubble masonry is the process of building stone walls, or any other masonry structure, by laying rough and undressed pieces of stone at random. The random rubble stone masonry option is one of the cheapest, wildest, and most easily accessible. Ashlar masonry uses a uniform size, shape, texture, and shape to create a more consistent, neat, and beautiful structure.

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Picture of a mason constructing a stone wall, picture taken at Little Rock AR

Natural Stone Walkways

Having a walkway made from natural stone constructed by an experienced mason to perfection would significantly add value to the aesthetic appeal of your property. We can assist you in the process of creating the natural stone walkway of your dreams. It is always our pleasure to assist you with any of your plans and designs. Clients can only build natural stone walkways with the help of masonry contractors who have been in the business for many years. So what are you waiting for? If you live in Little Rock, Arkansas, you are looking for someone to facilitate a new project related to masonry construction.

There is something special about looking at stone walkways from other properties, and frequently we can get jealous of them if we don’t have one ourselves. Build one for yourself with our help. We can take care of the needs of an existing vehicle in need of repair or restoration if you already have one. Our services include building masonry structures with natural stones and performing repairs, consulting, and designing. In our company, we take pride in our ability to construct walkways made of stone. A stone walkway will typically take several days to complete. However, with the right person to assist you, we can complete the job in no time without sacrificing the function and aesthetic appeal of the product. It is vital to consider some factors when designing a walkway, including the design, weather conditions, and the part of the walkway structure. When all aspects have been considered, we can immediately build the natural stone walkway you have longed for.

Natural Stone Veneers

There are many reasons why homeowners choose to reduce the visible surface of their properties by using stone veneers. For one thing, it adds an element of aesthetics, and for another, it provides protection. Stone veneers come in two forms: natural or manufactured. If you want to go with the natural one, there are two choices. First, there is a first-class product referred to sometimes like a thin veneer, and this is made from natural stone obtained through quarrying, then it is cut and refined. Then there are manufactured stones formed by mixing concrete or light aggregate compounds and shaping them into a marble-like pattern before being placed into a mold. Because of the durability of natural stone and the fact that it can withstand the test of time, the best choice is the natural stone. Nevertheless, the manufactured stones cost much less than their wild counterparts.

Picture of a veneer stone wall, picture taken at Little Rock AR
Picture of a natural stone wall, picture taken at Little Rock AR

Natural Stone Work Contractors in Little Rock AR

An example of stonemasonry is to employ mortar and natural stones for the construction of a building. In masonry construction, this method is used in many instances, including building floors, foundations, retaining walls, and many other uses. We use natural stones that are cut into a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. As the stones are prepared, they are then cut into the desired conditions for masonry construction. One of the most complex and most durable materials in masonry is stone.

You can cut a natural stone by hand or use a machine that will turn it into bricks. As you have probably already figured out by now, a brick is a rectangular unit made from natural minerals such as marble, lime, or even concrete. We can now purchase genuine stone bricks on the market today.

Natural stone bricks like these do not require maintenance to maintain their appearance. However, when it comes to repairing or building a house, then Little Rock Masonry is the only company you’ll need for the job. Among the various concrete and masonry companies in Arkansas, there is only one you can rely on for your natural stone construction, repair, and installation needs, and that is Little Rock Masonry. For brick repairs, such as tuckpointing and repointing you can click here!